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Life and Liberty Daily is a publication by American journalists for We The People. Our mission is to provide fact-based news that breaks free from the mainstream media narrative and delivers truth to our readers. Every day, our team examines the most important headlines for truth and impact, then brings those stories to you.

Like you, we value integrity in journalism and balanced reporting. Today, too many major media outlets repeat the same messages, reciting an approved narrative that’s backed by political special interests, big business, and big tech. Censorship is rampant, and it takes all patriots working together to get the word out to our fellow Americans.

We live in unprecedented times. In a world where so many news outlets want to tell citizens what to think, we’re here to give you the story, then let you make up your mind. Individualism and personal responsibility are some of our greatest values, and we respect your right to form your own opinion. Through our reporting, we’ll keep you in the know so you can do just that.

Defending free speech and a free press is more important now than it has ever been in our modern age. We stand with you–our neighbors, fellow citizens, brothers and sisters with the daily intention of protecting our Constitutional rights from those who wish to suppress them.

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